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Well Control Simulation - Taking it Seriously and Bringing in the Best

Well control training needs to be taken seriously. Thatís why each time a student takes his/her well control training course, they are required to have simulator training (required by both IADC & IWCF). Simulator training allows students to apply well control theory taught by the instructor in the class room. Itís not only important to hear the theory behind killing the well, but to also PRACTICE killing the well. Thatís why time at a simulator is vital to one's complete training.

Here at MDS, we take simulator training seriously. Students are put in groups of only two or three for an up-close and personal session with our well control instructors. During a simulator exercise, students practice properly bringing the pumps up to and down from the slow pump rate. They are shown techniques for handling gas when it passes through the choke. They are also taught how to deal with potential circulation problems, such as plugged chokes and nozzle washouts. Practice in these specific areas contributes to a personís ability to handle a kick. Itís important to treat each simulation exercise as if itís the real deal.

Another way we take well control seriously is by bringing in the best! Meet Roje Yap! Roje was hired at MDS in early 2012. Prior to joining MDS, Roje worked at NASAís Johnson Space Center as a Space Shuttle Control and Propulsion Instructor. He was the instructor of choice for many astronauts and shuttle flight controllers. For several space shuttle missions, Roje led a team of engineers in designing and implementing a curriculum for training astronauts on the operational use of the shuttleís propulsion and flight control systems. Over the years at NASA, Roje helped reduce space shuttle crew errors and helped ensure mission success.

Roje has been a huge asset to the MDS team and has applied his skills from NASA to the drilling industry. He has evolved over the past few years to be a great well control and simulator instructor.

The next time you need your well control certification renewed, make sure you know who your instructor is, and how he/she will help you be the best you can be, not only for your company and career but for the industry.

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