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Operational Courses

Operational Drilling Technology

Proper supervision of a drilling operation is the objective of this ten-day course. It covers drilling practices and problems from spud to completion for all levels from assistant driller to drilling manager. Well control certification (IWCF or IADC) is also included.
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Practical Drilling Technology

The objective of this five-day drilling technology course is to equip drilling personnel with the technical tools needed to become effective supervisors. This is Part I of a two-course series in drilling technology.
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Advanced Drilling Technology

This five-day course is a supervisor level course that is suited for experienced operator, contractor, and service company personnel. Students should complete the PDT and a well control course prior to enrolling in the ADT.
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Stuck Pipe & Fishing

The objectives of this three-day course are to present methods of preventing and freeing stuck pipe, and also to present the philosophy and methodology of fishing.
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Floater Operations Transition

This two-day course is designed to help experienced surface personnel to transition into floater drilling operations.
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Introduction to Drilling

This special one-day course introduces the drilling process, drilling rigs & equipment, and personnel associated with drilling.
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Hole Stability

This two-day course reviews the causes and effects of hole instability and stuck pipe. It also covers methods of detecting and preventing these problems.
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Drilling Fluids for Rig Personnel

This course gives an overview of the drilling fluids used in our industry, their properties, maintenance and disposal. The goal is to provide field or rig personnel a better understanding of the importance of drilling fluids or muds used to drill the well.
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Advanced Casing Design

This course is a three-day tubular fundamentals course taught by Altus Well Experts.
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Managed Pressure Drilling 101

This comprehensive course is a three-day, close-up study of managed pressure drilling. Taught by Altus Well Experts.
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