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Daily Course Schedule

Advanced Casing Design

Day 1

Introductions & Expectations

Design Engineer’s Responsibility

Casing Design Philosophy

Casing/Tubing Types and Functions

Formation Pressures

Casing Seat Selection Methods

Kick Margin & Kick Tolerance

Day 2

Design Factors and Safety Factors

API Pipe Equations & Ratings

Axial, Burst, and Collapse

Max Load Case Method

Uniaxial Design

Graphical Design Method

Effective Collapse

Biaxial Collapse

Triaxial (VME) Analysis


Day 3

Temperature Effects

Pressure Effects

API and Proprietary Connections

Corrosion and Sour Service Issues

Material Selection

Deepwater Issues

Annular Pressure Buildup and Mitigation

Wellhead Growth and Related Issues

StressCheck Demo

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